How Much Does a Website Cost in 2014?

( The image above is take from, a company that features local web design agencies in various

The Drop-Dead Easiest Way to Start Blogging

Earlier this week an old friend expressed confusion about how to start blogging. It was suggested to him that

Don’t Confusing Blogging with Writing

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Becoming a blogger and becoming a writer are entirely different.
Yes, it is

Send Me A Question via Online Voicemail

I just set up a SpeakPipe account which allows visitors to record an online voicemail.

As I’m

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Learning To Rank High In 2013

Have you ever wanted to rank high in Google? Most people see SEO as a dark art, nerd skill

Make The Decision To Never Give Up!

It’s July 17, 2013.

I’ve been hustlin… I mean, hard at work, building my business for over 12 years.

Yes, I’ve

IFTTT – “If This Then That” A Powerful Web Application

Have you ever wished that you had an application that could do several things for you at once? For

Authenticity: Yourself Within Your Message

My personal perspective and strategy regarding social media marketing, content marketing and personal branding centers around two important principles:


Good Content Stands On It’s Own

Good content stands on it’s own.
But great content not only stands, but runs.

My business has always been about

Put Yourself Out There

Not every successful business or person integrates their private lives, values or interests with their company, but some of