Attention Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners...
You Will Walk-Away with Multiple Email Strategies, Principles of Profitable Sales Funnels That Will Make Your Business Succeed in 2021!
You get access to my full library of (private) marketing lessons which include the following:
1. Find out how to build an email list so you can start "fishing" from a list of leads that you own, vs always hustling on social media or running paid ads.

2. Learn three ways to build a lead magnet to attract your ideal customer to even join your email list!

- No, you can't just say "join my email list" an expect people to sign up. At least... not anyone other than your mother. ;)

3. Discover 10 methods for generating traffic to bring attention to your lead magnet.

+ As a bonus I give away the slides with this presentation as it contains the powerful ideas you'll want to study.

+ As a second bonus, I created a traffic checklist to give you a streamlined process to make sure your traffic campaign will be profitable.

4. Can you write stories in your emails? I'll teach you a powerful framework to make storytelling easy and natural.

+ Note: I have a new video being released this Friday which will go over the famous Soap Opera Sequence Method of email storytelling. ;)

5. Do you have a big email list with little to no opens? Are your emails ignored or going to spam? I have two videos that will help you with that.

+ One is called, "6 Ways to get more people reading without changing what you say"

+ One is called, "How to protect and repair your email reputation if you're always ending up in spam"

6. There's also a new training on my conversational email method.

7. A training on email vs SMS vs chatbots. Learn the pros, cons, and benefits, and differences of each.

8. I have two case studies with real-world examples of Trump vs Biden's email strategy along with..

9. One of my most successful cold email campaigns that helped my client buy over 10 companies!

Plus more lessons are added every month! :)
Improving Your Email Game 
Makes Everything Easier!
  • ​Did you know, improving your email will make your Facebook and Google ads more profitable!
  • Improving email will all your to "fish" from your own list instead of hustling around social media
  • ​Sending daily or weekly email is pretty much free!
  • ​​Mastering your email strategy will make sure you aren't handicapt by social media rules or regulations or slaps
  • ​Email marketing has an average ROI of 40 to 1, which is great than all other forms or channels of marketing
Hey, my name is Arvell and I'm going to share everything you need to know about turning email into sales with funnels strategic marketing. 

Though I've been in digital marketing since 2001, and most known for chatbots & funnels, I've been passionate about email marketing since 2014. 

Why Email? 

Email is the most underrated digital marketing tool, but also  has the highest ROI.

With an average of 40-to-1 for every dollar invested, you're missing out if your marketing plan does not include email!

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