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The videos below refer to the email marketing and conversational marketing work of Arvell Craig... specific examples available privately upon request.

JULIA CANNON: (Increase Drift Chat Conversion Rate Over 100%)
CRYSTAL: (Email Marketing Coaching)
ELLIS: “Arvell has helped us grow our leads by over 250%..."
STAN: “I've trusted Arvell's input and feedback on marketing my businesses for over 10 years."
DAVE: “I was totally lost before you... now my day is literally packed with meetings, orders, and requests..." 
SCOTT: “I'm over getting 80% open rates with Chatbot Funnels compared to the 20% we got with email marketing..."
LUCAS: “With Arvell's help, we converted about 10% conversion of the targeted leads..."
JEFF: "Arvell is our goto resource for chatbots for our clients"
JENNIFER: (Drift Chatbot Reference)
MICHAEL: (General Marketing Campaign Reference)
BRANDON: (Digital Business Coaching)
JOHN: (Digital Business Coaching)
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